Established in 2001

"The Hof" as locals know it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a dedicated stream of staff and clientele who believe that a coffee house is more than just a place to buy coffee. It's also a place to meet people, create community, and think. Just as Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Roosevelt, and Kierkegaard may have had some of their most enlightening conversations at their favorite coffee houses, so we hope our customers will do the same at ours.

The Clark Family, who also own and operate Goose Hollow Inn next door, opened The Hof in 2001 after the house had been used for years as a hang-out, shop, walk-in cooler, rental apartment, and staff break room, among other things.  It's name, Fehrenbacher Hof, comes from Sigrid Fehrenbacher, wife of former Mayor Bud Clark who opened Goose Hollow in 1967. The coffee house is decorated with antique toasters, egg beaters, violins, and various other items from her collections as both a violinist and antique dealer.

UPDATE: Getting closer to re-opening! Planning on a very soft opening in the next week or two, with shorter hours and just coffee. We are reconfiguring kitchen so we are safe and can bring back breakfast sandos and burritos! xo 

Our goodies are the best value you will find...

breakfast sandwiches and pastries

With house-cooked corned beef, Bud's Reuben Sauce, Tillamook Cheddar melted to crisp edges, how can you go wrong? We offer an array of fillings for our toothsome sandwiches and burritos, including ham, Morningstar Farms vegetarian sausage, avocado, and corned beef, whole baked egg, and potato patties. We bake all items to order. If you're in a hurry, grab a pre-wrapped house harvest bread, savory turnover, muffin, or gluten-free pastry from GEM. 

Our roasters and why they are awesome


Fehrenbacher Hof features medium-roast espresso from local Ristretto Roasters and dark roast brewed coffee from Happy Cup. 

Ristretto Roasters, located in NE Portland, produces handcrafted coffees, roasted in small batches. We 

also offer a roster of single-origin coffees from Ristretto, which change with the seasons, with what the farmers are growing, and with what is delicious. Ristretto founder Din Johnson sources coffee beans. directly from coffee farmers in Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia and other coffee-producing countries. 

Happy Cup Coffee, available in our pumppots, provides some of our favorite dark roast offerings. The company, located in East Portland, provides a pathway for individuals who have aged out of special education programming. Through sustainable employment opportunities, Happy Cup offers real life skill building with a level of cultural relevance that is sorely lacking in most employment programs for special needs adults. Happy Cup's "People with Potentional" have a hand in bagging, labeling, weighing coffee, and developing the creative blend names. 

By buying coffee from Happy Cup, we and you commit to reversing the inequities those with disabilities face in the world of employment.