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CLOSED JAN 17 & 18 DUE To Icy Conditions

Coava espresso
Homemade pastries
Savory Breakfast Sandwiches and
Breakfast Burritos
Featuring haus corned beef
Individually-baked free range eggs
Bud's Reuben Sauce
Established in 2001

"The Hof" as locals know it wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a dedicated stream of staff and clientele who believe that a coffee house is more than just a place to buy coffee. It's also a place to meet people, create community, and think. The great Coffee Houses of the world have have been gathering places for poets, intellectuals, and revolutionaries; they have allowed the wild thoughts of inventors and entrepreneurs to have space and time to run free; perhaps coffee houses have also cloaked those who wish to hide out, who wish not to be found ... who wish simply to be.

The Clark Family, who also own and operate Goose Hollow Inn next door, opened The Hof in 2001, after the space had served for years as a break room, shop, walk-in cooler, and apartment ... among other things.  It's name, Fehrenbacher Hof, honors Sigrid Antonia Fehrenbacher, wife of former Mayor Bud Clark, the proprietor of Goose Hollow Inn. It also honors Frieda Fehrenbacher, artist and professor. The coffee house is decorated with antique toasters, egg beaters, violins, and various other items from Sigrid's collections as both a violinist and antique dealer; and the back room features a fantastic piece of Frieda's work, Hephaestus breaking open Zeus's skull to birth Athena. Bud chose this artwork for the Hof from Frieda's collection, thinking that it well-expressed the headache we all sometimes feel when we really want our cup of coffee! 

Well, maybe we can't rid you of your headache, but maybe a visit to our corner of the world will bring you a moment of respite, a sip of pleasure, a new insight, a reason to meet with a friend and rekindle a relationship.  "Escape to Goose Hollow". 

In the heart of Goose Hollow

breakfast sandwiches and pastries

Our goodies are the best value you will find...

With house-cooked corned beef, Bud's Reuben Sauce, Tillamook Cheddar melted to crisp edges, how can you go wrong? We offer an array of fillings for our toothsome sandwiches and burritos, including ham, Morningstar Farms vegetarian sausage, avocado, and corned beef, whole baked egg, and potato patties. We bake all items to order. If you're in a hurry, grab a pre-wrapped house harvest bread, savory turnover, muffin, or gluten-free pastry from GEM. 

Our Roasters


Fehrenbacher Hof features coffee selected and roasted by Coava. The story of Coava's founder, Matt Higgins, and the business model that makes Coava coffee the best in Portland are inspiring. The story of the coffee beans that we are grinding and selling to you in the form of craft espresso drinks and drip coffee, from research to source to roasting, honors those who grow the "seeds" and who truly "determine a coffee's potential" ( We are thankful to the growers with whom Coava has relationships and to the Coava team who continues to teach us and who allows us to buy their coffee beans. We urge you to visit the Coava website to learn more about what makes the coffee we serve you special.

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